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Zorro is a 5 reel video slot designed by Aristocrat software and offers 25 paylines. The theme of the game revolves around Don Diego de la Vega alias Zorro. This virtual entertainment has many interesting features and several types of bonus spins that increase its popularity. The symbols of the slot machines are the main characters in the film. Spin this slot machine for free or visit Aristocrat Casinos to play with real money!

The interface and our impressions of the Zorro Slot Machine

The Zorro slot machine has a background with a tinted blue outline including the Zorro character himself. When the reel spins, it sounds like the rattle of a horse’s hoof. More valuable symbols include Zorro, Spanish General Monastario, Juliana who is the daughter of the Masked Avenger, a barrel and a bag of gold. 10, J, Q, K and A are the lower values. Zorro is the Wild symbol and his black horse represents the Scatter symbol.

If you decide to put on a mask and join Zorro in his fight against the villains, you must first adjust your bets. In the Lines tab, you can set the number of lines. When you click Max on the left side of the lines, the number will automatically be set to 25. In the Bets tab, you set the size of the coins with +/-, and the value ranges from 0.01 to 2. The Spin button starts the spools and Autoplay sets the spools in motion a number of times without interruption. However, if you wish, you can stop Autoplay before the spins run out.

What to expect from Zorro gameplay

If you decide to entertain yourself online with the Zorro Slot Machine, you will have the opportunity to quadruple or double your winnings by guessing the colour of the combinations or cards. If you win with this option, you can collect a small amount of money and return to the basic game by clicking on Take Win. On the other hand, if you make a wrong guess and lose all your winnings, you will automatically be taken back to the very beginning of your adventure. In order to play this exciting casino game, simply select the amount you want to bet. It’s a pretty impressive amount that can range from $0.02 to $100. To tell you the truth, this will give you the chance to actively participate in Zorro’s adventures on the slot machine, no matter if you are a small or big bettor. Then you will discover buttons placed just below the reels. These allow you to choose the bets and manage all your gaming sessions. In order to win the biggest jackpot in this casino game, all you have to do is bet the maximum amount!

Zorro bonus features

When you click on the Zorro Bonus button, you can of course win bonuses. Once this function is activated, the letters Z, O and R will appear on the symbols J, Q, K and A. Z appears only on reel 1, O appears on reels 2 and 5 and R appears on reels 3 and 4. When you press ZORRO on the reels, the random bonus function starts. This video slot has many features that make it a very interesting game. The Zorro Bonus function mentioned above includes 5 different bonus games : 

  • Barrel Bonus
  • Gold Coin Bonus
  • Magic Door Bonus
  • Tornado Bonus
  • Z Wild Bonus. 

In addition, you have the Gamble function which becomes active after each win by clicking the Bet button.

When trying the Golden Coins bonus you must turn the gold coins around until you find two matching coins, and the corresponding amount is won. In addition, there is a special gold coin multiplier of up to 10X, which is hidden among the other coins. In the bonus game Magic Gate, you have to reveal your mystery character. You will be presented with 3 doors behind which you will find Zorro, Juliana or Monastario. 

  • You must choose one of these 3 doors where your character will appear, after which you will get 5 free spins. 
  • If during these spins the chosen character appears on the reels, he will reveal the bonus amount. 
  • Zorro brings 1000 credits, Juliana 750 and Monastario 500 credits. 
  • The Tornado bonus round is named after Zorro’s horse. 
  • In this bonus round, Zorro rides his horse on the screen to give you a random number of credits. 
  • Here you can win up to 500 credits with a bet of only 35 credits. 
  • The Wild Z bonus feature offers 3 free spins. 
  • Before each round, Zorro goes out and scores a notorious Z on one of the reel positions. 
  • The Z symbol becomes the joker for that particular round and this ensures that you get one Wild symbol per round. 
  • The Wild Z does not replace the Scatter function of the horse, but works in conjunction with the Wild Zorro symbol.

Zorro Slot Verdict

Zorro is a fairly basic slot game, but it has so many interesting features that it’s hard not to like it. If you select the bonus option, it is triggered fairly regularly. It’s really exciting to play this online game when you are aware of this little detail. People who like big multipliers are going to love this game because it’s a way for them to opt for 5 or 10 free spins. That said, you can get a better return on the Zorro slot machine if you choose 15 free spins since 6 of them are subject to a 4X multiplier with a few Wild on each one. In short, Zorro is a game of medium variance that allows you to access big payouts from time to time. Although it is considered an old-fashioned slot game, it still made a lot of people happy!

Author: Luca Di Marco

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